We can master anything we put our minds to. Learning to be a good listener can change your life. It’s key to sales, it’s key to being a good husband, it’s key to being a good father and it’s key to being effective in any important undertaking.

Give this excellent TED presentation a listen. It’s Julian Treasure telling us how to be better listeners. Julian gives us these 5 ways to listen better:

1.       Silence: 3 minutes a day of silence

2.       The Mixer: Distinguish how many channels of sound you can hear

3.       Savoring: Make an effort to enjoy mundane sounds

4.       Listening Positions: Active vs Passive, Reductive vs Expansive, Critical vs Empathetic

5.       Receive Appreciate Summarize Ask

Being quiet and attentive makes you no less bold. Listen like a hunter. Listen with the ears of a coach or a teacher. Listen aggressively– the world needs you bold, authentic and masculine.