There is a modern kind of reckless, cold-blooded American toughness that isn’t always pure and isn’t’ always as innocent as it once was, but it’s smart and ruthless. Here are some perspectives on American toughness from movies that aren’t afraid to depict masculine men, even if they are not heroic (Well, Teddy Roosevelt comes off as pretty heroic.).

The American Grizzly Fears Nothing

In this clip from a great movie, “The Wind and The Lion,” Brian Keith as a thoughtful, introspective Teddy Roosevelt makes the case for why the American Grizzly Bear should be the symbol of America.

“He should have armed himself if he’s gonna decorate his saloon with my friend.”

In Unforgiven’s climactic bar shootout scene, reformed gunfighter Will Munny goes into a bar to clean it up after he learns a ruthless sheriff has allowed Munny’s friend to be killed.

“Once I take out the leader, which is you, I’ll have to contend with one or two enthusiastic wing men. The last two guys, they always run… Remember, you wanted this.”

I almost didn’t include this clip because I don’t like the way the Jack Reacher character talks to, and then insults, the pretty girl who tries to pick him up in the bar. However, when I first saw the fight scene I greatly admired the way he explained so calmly why he knew he would win the fight against what appears to be five attackers. He explains why it’s really not five, but one, then two.

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Be bold, be authentic, be masculine.