We live in the midst of a crisis of listening. Most men don’t listen well enough, so if you choose to listen better, you boost your value. Show up and be deliberate in your listening and you’ll be more valuable.

Listening with your body means using your body language to communicate you are bring attentive and being conscious of what you are doing with your body can actually improve your ability to listen. Leaning forward, opening up your stance, furrowing your brow, all of these physical indicators communicate attentiveness. Remember, too, that what we do with our bodies affects our minds, so the benefit doesn’t go solely to the other person. Just think, do you feel differently when you stand up straight? Do you feel differently when you smile, even if you do not feel like smiling? Of course.  Likewise, if you position yourself to listen more carefully, you will find yourself actually listening more effectively.

Call to action: Today, choose three opportunities to deploy your body language to strengthen your listening posture. Lean forward, open up your stance, and communicate interest through your facial expressions. Note how what you do changes—or fails to change—the way the other person speaks. In all communication today, be deliberate and listen aggressively.