We are rarely at our best when we are stressed. After being locked out of his house in 40 degrees below zero weather, Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin talks about how to stay calm when you anticipate you might be stressed.

Here are some highlights.

1.       Designate a place in the house for things that are easily misplaced

2.       Take a cellphone photo of your credit cards and send it to yourself before a trip

3.       Learn how to make the most of facts before you make a difficult decision

But we can be [comically] romantic and passionate… “I want you to watch me kill myself so you can tell my brother about it on his wedding day…”

In this classic comic scene from the romantic comedy “Moonstruck,” Nicholas Cage demands to be understood.

So remember to laugh as you love and stay calm if you’re ever locked out of your house when it’s 40 degrees below zero.

But always—always—be bold, authentic, masculine.