Bottom Line Up Front: A man who killed himself wrote the following in his suicide note: “I am going to walk to the (Golden Gate) bridge. If one person smiles at me, I will not jump.”

“If one person smiles at me…I will not jump.”

There’s a true, sad story you can search the internet to confirm.  A young man committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in San Francisco in the 70s. The Coast Guard recovered his body from the bay, officials went through his personal effects and then went to his apartment. In his apartment was a note that said, “I am going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me I will not jump.”

We live in a pornographic world where the most intimate images are all around us but we do not see the human beings the images portray. John Paul II said, “The problem with pornography is not that we see too much of a human being, but that we see far too little.” We live in a connected world where we can communicate with almost anyone in an instant, yet many of us feel more disconnected than ever.

Dare to live.

As men we have the privilege of living—if we choose– lives of action, boldness and strength. We can reach out, connect with other men in ways that are quick, powerful and impactful. A firm handshake, a brief joke, a quick compliment, a confident “Good morning,” or “Good afternoon.”  A simple, “Excellent tie,” said to a complete stranger can change his point of view and work wonders for your own. Once I said to a man as he walked out of a 7-11, “I like your hat.” His reply? “Every man is a king. Every king should wear a crown.” How we both laughed.

Boom. Connection.

Don’t be afraid. Today, make the conscious decision to live your life like a man. Bring over-the-top value to others in how you speak, engage, encourage. Connect in a clear, confident, healthy way with another man.

Do it today and it could change his life.

Do it every day and it will change yours.

Health, Wealth and Network. Three pillars of a balanced, masculine life.