We don’t kid ourselves, gentlemen. We know looking good matters. A lot. You don’t dress for the job you have, you dress for the job you want. What you wear tells the world where you think you’re going. Ask yourself, “What do the clothes I wear tell the world about where I think I am going?”

Ever since I was a kid I like studying, and I mean studying, what men wear and what it says about us. I liked learning that because a tie is the least functional piece of clothing it is the most important piece of clothing in communicating with other men in certain environments. I liked learning that clothing is the first most reliable indicator of our own good judgment. I could go on and on.

But here’s something else about the clip I recommend, below.  There’s good value in the link, but don’t be put off by the advertising. The link below is a good example of what’s called content marketing. It provides useful information but also promotes a seller… it’s a sophisticated form of advertising. Don’t fear it, don’t reject it, don’t necessarily dismiss it… take it apart and understand it. Do another thing men should do… turn it to your advantage. Weaponize it, if you will… in your battle.

Here’s the link: enjoy it and the other links it contains… they are educational.


Stay strong. You’re winning. And never forget, the world needs you bold, authentic, masculine [oh… and well-dressed].