My father told me, “Never drink a Martini.” When I asked why, he said, “Because it is such a wonderful drink you’ll develop a taste for it and you’ll be hooked for life.”

Ah, yes.

One of my closest, most trusted advisors cautioned me about putting too much emphasis on alcohol in Authentic Masculinity posts. While I certainly understand some men’s concern about emphasizing alcohol too heavily, I do believe it is important men be confident and knowledgeable about alcohol. It is an intoxicating feeling to know your way in the world. If you want to know your way, you’d better be confident about alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the most important and powerful tools or weapons in social interaction. Now whether it is a tool or weapon, whether it is used on you or for you, whether you use it or it is used against you, a man should be supremely confident when it comes to the complexities and subtleties of alcohol.

If you substitute the word gentleman for the word man in the foregoing sentence, the topic quickly assumes bewildering complexity because alcohol affects women so differently than it does men.

As I write this, in fact, I realize the subject of alcohol may merit its own [series of] post[s]. And… yes…those brackets are deliberate, not just sloppy editing.

However, no matter where you stand on the many different questions regarding alcohol, if you want to make an impact, order a Martini. If you want to be remembered, order a Martini. Know how to order a Martini for someone else. The Martini is considered the King of Cocktails. Being knowledgeable about Martinis sets you apart from other men. The Martini is elegant, it is subtle, it is simple and yet… it is also complex.

I enjoyed watching many good videos about Martinis, but there’s something about this one that made me choose it. Not sure what.

Information is rarely a disadvantage. What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you.

The world needs you bold, authentic, masculine… and knowledgeable and confident about alcohol.