When we’re grateful, we see blessings all around us. If we let it, gratitude can set in motion an irreversible chain of events. When we make an attitude of gratitude part of our second nature, we stop saying, “I have to,” and start saying, “I get to.”  Then we see that gratitude is linked to giving—first you give thanks and then you feel capable of giving tangibly. We give our time, our money, our expertise, our affection, our warmth, our sense of community and belonging. This explosive combination of gratitude and generosity starts the receiving process. Every boy knows this rule of the schoolyard– if you want a smile, throw a smile. If you want a punch, throw a punch. But it gets better– if you want something (really almost anything) good in your life, give something good first.

It’s all true—gratitude leads to generosity and abundance. With Thanksgiving 2017 just behind us, the Christmas Season just ahead of us, we at Authentic Masculinity wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a successful 2018 of growth, generosity and kindness.

The world needs you bold, authentic and masculine. Gratitude helps us to be all of these things and more.