There’s a lot of good news about being a man and it’s all around us. Each week this feature will bring you a quote, a video and maybe an internet link to an example of men being good at being men.

This week we have a good quote which kept me out of a tight spot and we have Christopher Walken’s “The Lion Speech” from the 2002 movie, “Pool Hall Junkies”.

But I must tell you about the instrument cluster on my truck.

I drive a 2006 F350 4×4 Super Duty. It’s a great truck. Recently the instrument cluster started flickering and fading to black. Not always. Just sometimes. I Googled “2006 F350 Instrument Cluster … “ and Google auto populated  “Problems” so I knew I’d get a good hit.

Google took me to First of all that’s a great name for a website, but once on there I read an account of a man on an odyssey… a man trying to solve the same problem I have on his own 2007 F250… and it was so much fun reading I figured I’d include it, too.

Men solving problems. It’s what men do.

The Quote:

“A tough man can get out of a tight spot, but a smart man never gets in one”

I was driving down the road and a guy was riding my bumper honking his horn. I immediately started sizing him up, preparing for a confrontation. Then I remembered this quote and decided to pull into the right hand lane, slow down and let him pass me. When I arrived safely home to my wife and children, I thought of the quote again.

The Video:

One of my Ten Best Men emailed me this video with the note, “I don’t know why but this video made me think of you.” After I watched the video I was very grateful for the compliment.

The Web Link:

Have a great week. Crush life.