This past Saturday I took two of my daughters to a Father Daughter Dance at our church. It occurred to me as I watched a room full of happy fathers dancing with their happy daughters (all fathers think they dance well when they are with their daughters, it seems) to The Penguins’ “Earth Angel” that there is nobody else who can do for their daughters what we, as their fathers, do.  There is magic in a father taking his daughter on a Daddy Daughter Date.

So, this week, AM’s The Good News About Being a Man focuses on the Father-Daughter relationship.

The Quote:

“True masculinity is the moral exercise of authority.” — Dr. Meg Meeker, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters”

The Video:

Recently I saw the theatrical trailer to “Blood Father”, a Mel Gibson movie about a father who comes through for his daughter. It looks like a good action movie. Here’s the link:

The Web Link:

There are few books as useful for fathers who want to be better fathers for their daughters than Dr. Meg Meeker’s timeless classic, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters”. It’s great because it’s practical. I wish I had read it before my oldest daughter entered her teenage years; I would have been a better father for her.

Have a great week. Crush life. The world needs you.