In the United States this  past weekend we  celebrated Memorial Day, when we remember all those who have died in defense of our great nation.

It occured to me how much life is like war. And that is good news for us as men, because we are built for combat. Combat in war, combat in business, combat in life. Spiritual combat, mental combat, moral combat.


The Quote.

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.”

  • Napoleon

The Videos.

First, a pivotal video from Kenneth Branagh’s brilliant version of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Henry V is essentially about a young man growing up and accepting his responsibilities as a leader.

This video is Henry’s response to the French diplomatic envoy upon being presented in his own court with a disrespectful gift (some tennis balls) from the French prince. Don’t be afraid of the language… it’s not a long clip and Branagh’s acting makes Shakespeare easy to understand.


Second, Coach Ross Enamit’s workout compilation, “Words of Wisdom

The Link:

The Eleven Leadership Principles of The US Army.


Gentlemen—remember our fallen patriots every day.