I used to dislike Tony Robbins. I read he used an innovative technique to improve Army marksmanship scores and it irritated me. I knew nothing about Tony Robbins, I knew nothing of what he  accomplished, and whether he was successful didn’t matter to me. I just didn’t like him. We can all fall into this trap—I call it being down on what you’re not up on. I didn’t know him but didn’t like him. His trick? He put the targets so close to the shooters they couldn’t miss then slowly moved the targets out to ridiculously far distances.  If a soldier missed a target, Tony moved the target closer to rebuild the shooter’s confidence, then moved it back out, slowly. Pretty smart. This connected confidence to success.

The Quote.

“Behave as if success were inevitable.”

The Videos.

First, a video showing Ambassador John Adams’ first meeting with King George III after the United States had won its war of independence. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Adams had been treated roughly and it sharpened him. Think how he felt and how sharp confidence carried him through.


Second, speaking of sharp… here’s a cool video of how to sharpen a knife with a rock.


Be happy and proud you’re a man. The world needs you bold, authentic and masculine.