Part 2 of the 7 part series, “7 Ways to Build Rapport Quickly.” In this, the second of 7 short videos, learn how to empathize with someone so they will help you. All of these techniques work together and can work in any communication scenario. In this one, we look at how empathy humanizes us.

The Scenario: An IRS call center operator.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. What’s rare is valuable. Kindness and manners are rare.

  2. If you are cheerful and upbeat when you start a phone conversation, you are helping yourself because you make the other person want to help you.

  3. A very empathetic compliment to pay someone is, “Ray, whatever they pay you, it’s not enough.” I assure you there are days when they don’t think they are paid enough, either.

  4. A very good way to get high quality help from someone on the phone is to say early in the conversation, “Ray, you are being so helpful. May I speak with your supervisor or his supervisor when the call is over to tell them how much I appreciate your help?” This will make the entire call go better. You will also feel great after delivering on that promise.