Dear Brendan,

We were last talking about the importance of SA regarding vehicles and I ended that note to you stressing the importance of being able to get out of your vehicle quickly.  I’m going to pick up here by discussing weapons you may have inside your vehicle.  I realize many of us carry concealed handguns and that’s great.  However what if you can’t get to your handgun?  If you haven’t practiced drawing your handgun whiled seated in your car with and without your seatbelt on, you need to go do this.  There is a reason why many in the military that are in convoy movements or spend a lot of time in vehicles mount their pistol on their chest rigs/kit.  It is for quick access.  You should identify some weapons that are easily accessed from within your car.  This could be a knife, impact weapon (tactical flashlight or tactical pen).  

Let’s talk about the decision to dismount your vehicle.  Now we have all seen video on the Internet and news about road rage.  You see some guys get out of their cars and many times it goes bad for the good guy in this situation.  Let’s keep this simple and think smart.  If someone or some group is following you, your best course of action could be to drive to the nearest police station or another visible public location.  If your vehicle is drivable and mobile, remember that your vehicle can be used as a weapon.  If you believe you are in a life-threatening situation you do what you have to do to get of the “X” or kill zone as we say.  If you make the decision that leaving your vehicle is the best Course Of Action (COA), you should have a plan.  And if running across a multi-lane highway is your plan, let me stop you there.  Get to the side of the road if possible.  Think about an escape route.  Before you leave your vehicle take with you whatever you may need such as a cell phone and lock the doors.  If you have a cell phone you can always make an emergency call.  Don’t ever forget the importance of communication.     

 Now you have survived your commute and are about to park at home or work.  Parking alone sounds simple and it is.  But it is often times the little things that make a big difference.  I suggest you start backing in or pulling all the way through wherever you park.  Start thinking in a proactive/defensive manner in the way you park your vehicle.  I know you are probably thinking it’s a pain to take the time to back in or find a space where you can pull through.  Again I encourage taking the time now, as it will pay dividends when time really matters.  The positives here is that you have a better field of vision when you need to leave and can do so safer and faster.  Think – (escape, evasion, egress).  If you have to back out your vision is limited to looking through your rear view mirror and it’s difficult to see people, traffic/cars and all this takes time and puts you at a disadvantage.  Whereas my goal is to give you an unfair advantage against those that wish you and your family harm.  

Back to the topic of SA, you always keep your head on a swivel.  This applies to just about everything.  I don’t care if you are walking your dog, driving your car, or having dinner at a restaurant with your family.  Remember when I talked about the OODA loop.             

And think about this.  Have you ever seen the U.S. Secret Service back out of anyplace with the President of the United States?  No.  Enough said.

Again I have more to say about this and you are welcome to contact me.       

Your Friend,