Bottom Line:  It’s important to recon where you’ll be interviewing.  The more you know, the more likely you’ll walk away with a win.

How it affects building a long-term relationship with the interviewer. Being at ease with yourself conveys confidence and value. It’s easy to be at ease with yourself if you feel you have an edge and researching the venue helps give you that edge. You’re on his ground, in his office, in his conference room, so know all you can about it.

Main Points:

  1. The overall goal is to play through the interview so that you achieve more than just the job itself, or even if you do not get the job, you secure the relationship, which can lead to other interviews..

  2. Be confident and comfortable, prepare thoroughly and know the venue as thoroughly as possible beforehand.

  3. Don’t overcomplicate it. This is a radical approach to a job interview and has many hidden benefits.