One of the most remarkable discoveries I have made on this experimental journey with Authentic Masculinity is that in spite of how women may confuse us, we love them and want to be better for them. Ultimately, women have a lot of power because one thing men must face is that women have what men desire and we’ll do some crazy things to get what women give… warmth, affection, beauty, stability, children, motivation, insight… and, of course, The Most Powerful Narcotic in The World.

Women can confuse and we can’t stop loving them. If we are obsessive with how we choose the words that shape our thoughts we’d say, “We let them confuse us and don’t want to stop loving them,” but that’s semantics for you.

Here are two great film clips to illustrate. We see Jack Nicholson as an author being blunt in how he sees women. If we are honest with ourselves, we may see a little of ourselves in him.

Hopefully, we see another side of ourselves, too. Though women cannot change men, they can make us want to change ourselves. Wise men are thankful for that.

The world needs you to be a strong and better man. Don’t let the world down.