Common sense tells us that most… MOST… anyone who has made it through security  in an airport is trustworthy. What do you do if you’re there at the gate with time to kill and you’re all set up to work or read and you want to get a cup of coffee or go to the men’s room without packing up all your things? How do you get a stranger to watch your bags? Here’s how. Befriend someone quickly and he’ll look out for you. The trick is to choose someone similar to yourself, make him laugh and don’t ask for too much. Just do something that will make him identify with you. Try this.

Disclaimer: Now, some paranoid security lunatics will tell you you must never do something like this. I’ll tell you this– the most dangerous thing in the world is to think you can mitigate every risk. It profits you nothing if you walk around your whole life worried, fearing you can’t trust anyone. It is far more valuable to gain confidence in your ability to choose trustworthy men and then use that skill to enhance your ability to enjoy living in a dangerous world.