What would you do if a focused, disciplined Army Major was goading you into a confrontation and you had a knife?

In a riveting scene from the timeless classic, “The Dirty Dozen,” we are reminded how important it is that we keep our tempers when we are holding a knife.


Are You Losing This Crucial Accuracy Battle?

(From Abe’s Gun Cave (www.abesguncave.com))

Shooting isn’t hard.  Accurate shooting isn’t even hard.  Fighting the mental battle that goes with it, now THAT’S hard.

You know the one I’m talking about.

That little voice that says “you don’t need to make this shot right.  Go ahead, just jerk the trigger a little and do it right next time.” 

That voice says it again,

and again,

and again,


Well, you get the picture.

Over time it becomes almost automatic.  Easy.

It’s tempting, but it’s a deadly trap that will erode your accuracy faster than money erodes a politician’s campaign promises.  It doesn’t take long to develop bad habits that can destroy your accuracy. 

Once learned, bad habits take a LOT more effort to unlearn.  Plus, you “wasted” all that practice by thinking “I’ll do better next time”

If that voice is the devil in one ear, let me be the angel in the other.

Don’t do it. 

My advice: Make each shot the best you can.  You’ll become a better shot and develop discipline too.

Over time it becomes almost automatic and (almost) Easy.

But you have to fight that fight against the toughest opponent you’ve ever faced: Yourself.

Don’t give up.

Make each shot the best you can. One round at a time.



So, gentlemen, you know what the world needs. The world needs you strong, confident, capable and masculine. Everybody is depending on you. Don’t let them down.