Bottom Line Up Front: Never follow your heart. Let your heart inform your intellect. The Masculine Genius, gentlemen, resides in the will and in self-mastery of our emotions. That is your task: Master your emotions.

How are money and emotions alike?

We live in a world where many are telling us to follow our hearts. The problem with this is that the heart is what we use to justify emotional decisions and emotional decisions are very rarely right. Just as money is useful where it works, emotions are only useful where they work. Like money, when they are the right decisions they are very right, but when they are the wrong decisions they can be catastrophic. Think of your temper, think of your desires, think of what you have hoped for when things have been going terribly wrong for a long time. Human relationships go very badly when we let our emotions lead or get out of control.

Put seven locks on your heart

It has been said that the human heart must be locked with seven locks. Even if this is counter to what you have been taught, I invite you to live one day at a time for two weeks with this philosophy. Start today to put seven locks on your heart and make all decisions for this day alone based strictly on your reason. At the end of today, reflect on the effectiveness of those decisions, write down what it has taught you and then do it again tomorrow. Repeat this process for 14 days and journal about it.

What do you stand to lose? What do you stand to gain?