It is the beginning of a new year. Today is the first day of 2018.

You have every reason to be confident and courageous as you confront 2018.  I say that because you are the x-factor. 2018 is going to be as good, as productive, as exciting, and as life-changing as you make it. And, if you join us on this journey at Authentic Masculinity, we will challenge you to make it good, productive, exciting and life-changing because that is what men, as men, are capable of doing and are created to do.

But I know it’s not easy. We all need encouragement, skills and community to help us overcome the seemingly overwhelming odds we sometimes face. For that reason I decided to look into the United States’ recent past to a pivotal and inspirational speech by President John F. Kennedy when he announced as the leader of the United States that we were going to go to the moon.

Here is that speech in two versions… a short 2-minute version with just the highlights and the full 17-minute version. Here’s the point of this speech: we are at our greatest when we consciously choose to do something difficult precisely because we know that by the difficult path, well chosen, we can achieve greatness and become better men. We are all called to be better men and we do not know how great we can be until we attempt to do something truly difficult.

Watch and listen to the short version of this beautiful speech now, but promise yourself you’ll listen to the full version. It’s a powerful speech every American should be aware of. Share it with your children.

2-minute version

17-minute version

Here is to the full embrace of a difficult, challenging 2018 that will find us better, stronger, braver and more deserving of victory than we have been up to this point. Happy New Year.