You Matter As a Man.

The world needs what you have: masculine strength, kindness, self-control and the right kind of assertiveness. It’s The Masculine Genius.

Join us for a remarkable experience of rediscovering the savage joy of healthy masculinity. The reward? A rich, fulfilling life. Are you ready?


Why Authentic Masculinity?

Because you matter.

When men are strong, the world’s a better place.

We started Authentic Masculinity as an experiment. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

Healthy masculinity is central to a healthy world. In fact, it’s the only thing that can clean up the mess the world is in.

Healthy masculinity is virtuous masculinity. Virtuous masculinity is strong masculinity. At Authentic Masculinity—an experiment whose time has come—we assert with confidence that for men, everything worth having flows from strong, virtuous masculinity. Business success. Financial success. Personal success. Social success. For when men are strong, the world is a better place for everyone.

But it gets better. Authentic masculinity enables you to unlock something deep inside yourself.

Authentic masculinity unlocks the force that conquered continents, kingdoms, disease and harnessed the forces of nature. We call it The Masculine Genius. And gentlemen, there is no better goal in life than to unlock your Masculine Genius. Do that and change yourself and the world around you.

Join us on this experimental project to unlock The Masculine Genius.

Meet the Team

Shannon McGurk


Jonathan Frappier

Advisor, Podcast Host

Travis Nelson

Content Writer

Steve Thomas

Content Writer