Awaken the Men in Your Midst

Can you feel the world changing? Men are waking up and re-claiming all that is theirs. Gently, carefully, and respectfully, we are reasserting ourselves for the sake of those we love and lead.

Join us and other men for encouragement and networking at an AM Stand-To.

Attend an AM Stand-To

The enemy attacks at dawn. To prepare for the enemy attack, soldiers engage in a stand-to. They prepare their weapons, they man their positions, so they are ready. This is what we offer you.

A group of men, discussing the parts of themselves that are frequently overlooked and under attack. Men strengthen each other, and help each other. You’re only as sick as your secret, so confide in men you trust.

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About Shannon and the Team

Husband and father of 8 sons, 4 daughters. Ground Cavalry soldier. China Foreign Area Officer experienced at corporate sales. Life Coach. Published Author. Diplomat. Pentagon Insider and corporate refugee. Student and teacher.

China, Europe, South Asia and through it all business, life, marriage and fatherhood crossing and intersecting and crossing again. A big life and no simple summary.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  I’m the happily married father of 12 children and live on a farm in Virginia, but this is a miracle. In 1992, I was a broke, divorced father of a two-year-old son. I didn’t want to marry again and I didn’t want any more children. Today I have a strong marriage, eight sons and four daughters. Pretty crazy.

The most formative years of my adult life were in the Army. For 20 years I was an Armored Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer. I served in the U.S., Europe, throughout the U.S. Government, in The Pentagon, the Hong Kong Consulate and the Beijing Embassy. I left the Army in 2002 to start businesses but had to do it part time because I had to feed my family. I worked for Northrop Grumman, IBM, ManTech and other corporations. I got the best training in the world from the Army and these iconic American corporations.

I started my first business in 2002. Business ownership is scary, liberating and addictive, but making money using your creativity and wits is life-changing. I have started several companies, but I crashed the best one in 2007 when I tried to drive it too fast. That same month my daughter got cancer and that same year my son was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Lots of challenges. Crashing that business when I did made me look hard in the mirror and confront my life.

As a husband, as a father, as a man, I wasn’t stacking up. I had to learn new skills and dig deep to get back on my feet. I had to heal a lot of wounds I had caused. I had to grow, learn and improve. A lot. I think I have and I’d like to offer my own experiences to you.












Children & Fatherhood




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