The Foundational Principles of Authentic Masculinity

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Do you know the biggest obstacle to being authentically masculine?

We are happy to be back at it with Authentic Masculinity. On April 17th we took a break. We thought it was going to be a month but it turned into two months because life gets a vote. We are changing the website, and adapting our approach to promoting The Masculine Genius, The Masculine Renaissance and Authentic Masculinity in response to what we have learned. It’s exciting to be back in the conversation and in the market place. Some of our team is in North America, some is in Europe, some in Asia. We are working as a distributed team in this exciting, flat world we all occupy.

Between now and September 15th we are covering The Biggest Obstacle to Authentic Masculinity. Here’s the trick: We will describe it but not say what it is. We’ll write about it, cover it, take it apart. We hope you will help uncover it with us. On September 15th we might be explicit about what it is, but we may not. We’ll do this like a lot of what we do with AM… as an experiment. Let us know what you think of it and we invite you to join the conversation. To join the conversation, click here.

Ask yourself—what do the following qualities characterize?

Helplessness, powerlessness, blame, self-pity, pride, being put upon, whining, irresponsibility, passivity, equivocation, obsequiousness, procrastination, sluggishness, unmanliness, surrender. There are others that can be their brothers, so to speak, for they are all from a certain family of behavior, but for now these will do.

What do they describe?

Let’s try this: How does a man with those qualities affect those around him? What does a man with those qualities do for his… tribe? His team? Those he loves and leads? His society?

The problem with men who have these qualities is that they put themselves in a position of surrender. This kind of man surrenders options. The more options a man has—practically speaking—the better. Don’t think this has to do with options regarding women. Women are not things and in matters of women it is not always wise to be merely practical. In that situation a man governs himself by different rules. But OK, let’s go there for a moment to play this through. How does a man who has the qualities above appear to women? Will women want a man who has those qualities? Not a woman worth having as a partner. Not at all.

A man who cannot conquer this first obstacle to Authentic Masculinity, which that list of words and phrases above describes, is blocked from strong, intelligent, good women or jobs worth having or business opportunities worth pursuing. In short, men who have these qualities—helplessness, powerlessness, blame, self-pity, pride, being put upon, whining, irresponsibility, passivity, equivocation, obsequiousness, procrastination, sluggishness, surrender—(and they all characterize a common quality) have down-selected themselves and chosen a small, insignificant life.

So if a man has those qualities, let’s say two or more of those qualities, not only is it bad, it is always bad because it makes him a burden and puts him in the power of others. There are few things worse than that. Jordan Peterson refers to middle-aged babies and how horrific they are. We agree and that’s why we are offering this series on the principles of Authentic Masculinity.

The man who asks the best questions wins…what?

“What do I stand to win?” is a question you might ask. I will tell you what Anton Chigurh told the shop keeper: everything. Watch this short video to see if you can determine the characteristic we are describing.

When you eradicate those qualities and those kinds of qualities from your life, you win immediately and it is no more than a change in your own perspective, for, as we know, the first most important fight is the fight you wage against yourself, your weaker nature, your own sense of entitlement your own sense of who you are as a man. So ask yourself—what do those qualities describe? Shoot us a note and tell us.

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