Good News About Being a Man: You Can Be Somebody’s Hero

Jan 22, 2018Good News About Being a Man, Latest, Pro Victoria

Odds are, you already are somebody’s hero.

You probably come through heroically for somebody every day. But what if someone asked you to come through for someone else? You’d probably do that, too. Make no mistake.

There is currently a war being waged against men. It’s cultural, it’s political, and it’s economic. That’s why you, as a responsible, hardworking man, husband, father, are in someone’s cross hairs. Men are ridiculed in advertising, men are ridiculed in entertainment, and men are especially reviled and ridiculed in academia, for that is where the battle for the future is taking place.

Strangely, men are also ridiculed in sports, even though they—we—generate millions of dollars in profits. It’s the worst men who are always the topic of conversation. This is because those who want a world of weak men know that if they eliminate strong men and make weak, pathetic men the standard, they win. If they can eliminate you, then your family, your community, your country—in fact, the entire world—loses.

Strong, confident, healthy men are fundamental to strong, healthy societies. Those who want to eliminate strong men still expect men to behave in fundamentally responsible ways.  They expect men to rise to the occasion and do what must be done. They know without good, strong men, the structure and security they ridicule but depend on, would not exist. And the future depends on it. For an example of how good men still are, read this short article that appeared in, believe it or not, The Washington Post.

So, don’t forget how important you are. Even our opponents and enemies know strong, good men are vital. Sadly, some people remain unconvinced men are under attack. And, paradoxically, the vast majority of those people still feel their hearts warming when they see good men coming through heroically.

This is why we must continue to spread the good news about being a man, even as we prepare for the continued attacks we know will come.

Respectfully, Shannon

Shannon McGurk

Shannon McGurk


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