Good News About Men: We attack, triumph and return

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The Edge is one of the best movies ever made.

Anthony Hopkins plays billionaire Charles Morse and he is heroic. Morse, a weasel named Bob Green (played brilliantly—not surprisingly– by Alec Baldwin), and a photography team arrive at a remote Alaskan fishing lodge for a photo shoot with Morse’s beautiful wife (Elle Macpherson). Green, the weasel, is having an affair with Morse’s wife. Green lures Morse onto a plane and into the wilds of Alaska to kill him. The plane crashes, but before it does, Morse, who has deduced that Green and his wife are sleeping together, asks Green how he plans to kill him so Green can proceed with his wife. The crash kills the other two men on the flight. Morse and Green must then rely on each other to survive and get back to civilization. They realize they are being stalked by a Grizzly Bear. Morse decides they must bait the bear—go on the attack— and kill the bear in order to survive. The bear begins attacking Green but Morse distracts the bear and lures it away. Morse wedges his spear between rocks allowing the bear to use its own weight to fatally wound itself after rearing up. Morse finds proof of Green’s sleeping with his wife and Green ultimately reveals his plan to kill Morse. He tries to, but, incompetent, he blows it and, gravely injured but still a weasel, he begs Morse for his help. Morse, heroically, agrees, tends Green’s wounds, puts him in a canoe and they set out together. Morse makes a fire to keep Green warm. Green apologizes for betraying Morse, says Morse’s wife was unaware he intended to murder Morse. Morse attracts a passing helicopter, but Green dies before he can board. Morse returns to the lodge with Green’s body, reveals to his wife he knows she was unfaithful. He tells the press that the other men on the photography team —and Green– died saving his life.

It’s a great, heroic story of attack, triumph and return and Anthony Hopkins plays a heroic man very capably.

For our purposes, though, here’s the point: go on the attack, see your challenge through and return heroically, triumphantly. The climactic attack scene in this very good movie is when Morse kills the bloody Grizzly Bear while Green essentially looks on and then returns as a hero and a gentleman. Here is the climactic attack and triumph scene for your enjoyment:

Go on the attack, then triumph and return to your life better than when you left it, whether you made this decision to attack days, weeks, years or even moments ago. And, while it is true that all combat ultimately comes down to defense in the end, attacking—offense– is what fills your life with meaning. The beauty is that you can incorporate a spirit of offense, attack, aggression into the way you live your live moment by moment. It is what will get your blood pumped and moving and imbue your life with vigor. It’s what you are built for as a man, it’s what you are created to do. Offense mitigates risk and you feel better when you get moving. God can’t steer a parked car, so get moving, for you are a man.

Always remember Authentic Masculinity’s Cri de Coeur—“Get started and don’t quit.”

The world—all the world—desperately needs you bold, authentic and masculine.

Attack, triumph, return, repeat. Attack, triumph, return, repeat.



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