Good News About Men: We love our wives, but go to war

Feb 19, 2018Good News About Being a Man, Latest, Pro Victoria

It is often an odd, conflicting thing to be a man.

It is sometimes very difficult trying to be a good man. You may love your wife with painful, passionate devotion. If you do, and if you confront the reality of the world, you will learn that if you love her truly you may have to leave her to do what men must do.

Sometimes it is going away to the kind of wars—we may call them kinetic, these days– being fought around the world. Other times, perhaps more often, it is just leaving for work each day to do battle in the marketplace or serve as a mechanic, a police officer, a welder, a soldier, a doctor. In any case, a good man fights. He fights for his own survival and dignity and for the survival and dignity of his wife and children. Of course, if we are wise, we know that each day we leave our wife may be the last time we see her. If we are wise, we kiss our wife and children before we leave each day. Life is uncertain and tomorrow is promised to no man.

In September of 1990, the Public Broadcasting System in the U.S. released Mr. Ken Burns’ documentary, “The Civil War.” The end of Episode 1 contained the narration of a letter written by Major Sullivan Ballou of The 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers to his wife, Sarah, in Smithfield. It was written on 14 July, 1861, a week before his death at The First Battle of Bull Run.

It is beautiful.

Be bold, be authentic, be masculine, and love courageously.



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