Good News About Men: We Try Stingray Skin Cowboy Boots Even if We’re 57

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Life has many twists and turns. Here’s how some twists and turns got me into a pair of very nice Stingray skin cowboy boots from Los Altos bootmakers in California.

Eight years ago a friend gave me a Stingray skin wallet. At first I didn’t like it, but frequently when I took it out of my pocket someone would compliment me on it. I like that it’s black and white (I’m kind of a black and white kind of man). It’s also very durable and wears well with time. It grew on me and now I don’t think I’ll ever carry a different kind of wallet.

So far, so good.

My father is from West Texas. It’s where I spent my childhood and I commanded a Cav Troop in El Paso. Maybe that’s why I have always admired cowboy boots. They’re practical and good looking, but I often wondered if they’re out of place in, say Virginia. I had been thinking of buying a pair of cowboy boots for a long time. I mentioned to my bride in passing once that it would be cool if I could get some Stingray skin cowboy boots. I forgot all about it.

Stay with me on this.

My daughter is marrying in April and we are all very excited. I went home two weeks ago and found a box on my bed. In it was a pair of square-toe Stingray skin cowboy boots my bride bought me as a surprise to wear in our daughter’s wedding. I was very worried they wouldn’t fit. I was worried they were too extravagant. I put them on. They are comfortable, tough as nails, beautiful to look at it and they really make a statement. I asked my bride why she didn’t include me on the decision. Her reply: “I knew if I talked to you first, you’d say they were too extravagant and you wouldn’t get them for yourself.” True enough, though now I like them so much I want to sleep in them.

So… here’s my thinking: buy yourself a pair of Cowboy boots. They’re great, very masculine, and make a strong statement. A good way to start learning about them is to watch some videos. Then, as you learn, do a little more research and narrow down to what you like.

Here are a couple videos to get you started. The first one ends kind of abruptly but the guy is likeable. The second one is good, too, and from a guy in Boston, of all places. Boston. Who knew?

The world needs you bold, authentic and masculine. Stay strong, you’re winning.



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