If You Live With Thieves, You’re Going to Get Robbed.

Aug 17, 2018Latest, Pro Victoria

Prepare yourself to participate with us today.

We are going to ask you to put yourself in a hypothetical situation. Before you do, watch this short trailer of the fact-based movie, “Quiz Show”:

What are the rules of the game you play?

Let’s say you have benefitted from a crooked, broken system. Let’s say, for instance, you had the inside track on a job. Those in charge want you to have the job. They told you how to get the job and they greased the skids for you. You benefitted from preferential treatment. Years later, those same people rig the system to keep you from advancing.

A hypothetical situation. Who’s the sucker?

Who is to blame in that situation? Can you blame the management for being exactly what they were to you? Can you blame the system (whatever that means) you serve? No. If you do, you lie to yourself. Is it more meaningful, effective and stronger to place the responsibility, not the blame, squarely on your own shoulders? Of course it is. What if you accept—in this hypothetical example– that you agreed to play with crooked people in a crooked game with capricious rules and a stacked deck? Then, in a way, you got justice. What if they sized you up and decided you were a sucker? That could be a very sobering realization. Well, what happens when a man accepts responsibility for his situation, seizes control and faces a matter squarely? He starts to become an Authentic Man. A man who crushes the obstacle that keeps him from being Authentically Masculine. He has learned to seize control, accept justice, and stop lying to himself, no matter how painful that may be.

If you live with thieves, you’re going to get robbed.

Be clear about the rules of the game you play. If you are sexually promiscuous, don’t be surprised when your girlfriend cheats on you. If you steal, don’t be surprised when your friends steal from you. If you are violent, don’t be surprised when violence is visited on you. Ask yourself, “What did I do to arrive at this place in my life?”

Do you blame when you cannot compel justice? If so, you look like a child, because that’s what you have become. There are few things more grotesque than a full grown infant masquerading as a man.

What kind of man are you? Think that over. Hints about the first, greatest obstacle to Authentic Masculinity are all through this post. Can you spot them?

Join us next week as we continue to look at the first, biggest obstacle to being Authentically Masculine.

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Shannon McGurk


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