3 Things You Must Know About the Male Female Complementary Relationship

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First, the male female complementary relationship is a divine artistic pairing designed by God and revealed to men through all five senses. This is the physical genius of men and women cooperating.

Second, the whole made possible by the male female complementary relationship is greater than its sum. In no other equation can two equal infinity. This is the intellectual genius of men and women cooperating.

Third, the male female complementary relationship reveals ultimate reality. It challenges you to accept meaning in life. Mastering it is endlessly challenging. This is the spiritual genius of men and women cooperating.

Reject this at the peril of the world. Men who deny the male female complementary relationship betray themselves and so doing they are traitors to the world. A world without strong masculinity balancing the surplus of strong femininity is a world gone insane. You see it all around you: the chaotic result of men rejecting the natural balance of male female complementary relationship. Your masculinity is the key to solving the world’s problems and you’re a coward to refuse to embrace it. The world hates a coward, but how does it feel to hold the key to all that troubles the world?

The Physical Genius of The Male Female Complementary Relationship Revealed In a Kiss

Why is a meaningful kiss so very powerful? Because when done to its tender fullest, nothing else we do stimulates all five senses. Think back to the first girl who allowed you to kiss her meaningfully. If you let yourself remember experiencing the exquisite privilege of that first kiss, it is an undeniably powerful memory. If done properly, it was pure while being sexual. You may know that prostitutes, those ultimate tragic victims of men who distort the male female complementary relationship, will not French kiss for money. Kissing deeply is more intimate even than taking the mechanical sexual actions that unite human beings forever. And, though we may choose to explore the familiar and the same, it takes more courage to discover the unknown. What is more unknown to the masculine than the divine, beautiful complexity of the equally powerful feminine? Only the male female complementary relationship reveals this.

Still, though human beings are more complex than any of us understands, men are simpler than women, and have a genius for simplicity, clarity and action. So let’s look at the male female complementary relationship in terms of divine pairing of perfectly suited opposites. Like wine and cheese, sweet and savory, tragedy and comedy, laughter itself, which is sudden recognition of contrast, each of the two sides of the male female complementary relationship makes no sense without the other. The male female complementary relationship reveals genius to the world as our senses reveal to us the genius of uniting both. Consider: Doesn’t it make sense that we see contrast all around us and are drawn so powerfully to those we are most different from? They are human beings at once equal to, but powerfully different from, us. Beautiful to see their form, delightful to hear their voices and laughter, tantalizing to be allowed to touch, intoxicating to breathe them in, and we are entirely transported to experience the taste of their kiss when granted that exquisite privilege. It takes little imagination to see the male female complementary relationship in this, the most challenging, compelling, seductive pairing. The wisest woman I’ve ever known told me when you kiss someone you give a piece of yourself away. However, fortune favors the bold. Exploring the male female complementary relationship in a kiss requires boldness, for women are all we are not.

The Intellectual Genius of The Male Female Complementary Relationship is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

When man and woman embrace our radical differences and learn to trust each other, we conquer fear that limits endless possibility. What’s greater than adding one to one to get infinite possibility? Here’s an example. I wanted no more children when I married my wife. I had a cherished son from a previous marriage. In self-limiting ignorance of the possible I embraced the known. Enter the male female complementary relationship. In consultation with my wife I realized I was limiting what was possible. In an act of hope, we decided to embrace the male female complementary relationship, be open to the possibility of what it offered and welcome the possibility of a new child and a new future. The daughter who arrived inspired us to improve, cooperate, and learn about each other. Those discoveries urged us further forward, deeper into the male female complementary relationship. Rather than “We can’t handle more,” we said, “Let’s learn together to handle more.” We had additional children. With each child we grew, learned and strengthened for a brighter future. If you anchor yourself to a brighter future, you grow to greet it. If you have the courage to dream that children make possible, and run toward your dreams, your dreams run toward you. I had no idea the male female complementary relationship could make me courageous and revolutionize my life, but it did.

Who Benefits When the Sexes Make War With Each Other?

If complementarity in the male female relationship has the power to awaken courage in men in this world of contrasts at war with itself, it stands to reason it’s a threat to someone. Who is threatened by cooperation between the sexes? A good question to ask when making sense of any seemingly unsolvable problem is, “Cui bono?” which is Latin for “Who benefits?” Discovering who benefits from confusion can lead you to clarity. It is useful when thinking of the male female complementary relationship. Who benefits when you and I are at war with women? Who suffers? Answer that and you will be one step closer to identifying your enemy. Make no mistake, you do have enemies. In fact, we are judged by the power of our enemies. In the context of the male female complementary relationship, if you want to identify your enemies, locate those who take joy at your confusion. Who benefits at your inability to deploy your own best qualities? Answer that and you know your enemy. Men’s enemies today are so powerful they have us arguing with our best friends and closest allies: women. They know that the male female complementary relationship is a combat multiplier in men’s lives, but many of us are too blind to see it. The male female complementary relationship strengthens us, but when we fail to embrace women as completely different and completely equal, we place limits on ourselves. In so doing we impoverish our own futures and betray women, who we are supposed to protect, honor, cherish and guide as friends and companions. Make no mistake: Arguing with women makes men fools and robs us of peace, dignity and a brighter future.

The Spiritual Genius of the Male Female Complementary Relationship Reveals Ultimate Reality to Both Sexes

Life and death are the ultimate unknown realities and men are designed to confront and master them both. Life itself, regardless of what ungoverned science may tell you, is not intended to be possible without the male female complementary relationship, and death, which comes for us all, is the inevitable measure of our quality as men. That quality hinges on our complementary relationship to women, who are our equal companions on this journey and without whom nothing can make meaningful sense. However, as our polar opposites in almost all things, they are as unknown as they are vital. So, women are the key and they are the riddle. The male female complementary relationship is the framework that allows us to make sense of the mysteries between the sexes. It is that powerful. How we confront life and how we prepare for, meet and measure up to death when we confront it are questions men of quality ask and answer every day. Sayings like, “Treat your body like you’ll live to 100 but your soul like you’ll die in an hour,” and, “When death smiles, the courageous warrior smiles back,” illustrate this. To confront these ultimate realities you must master yourself. There is no better arena in which to master yourself than male female complementarity, because women demand the best from men, even when we do not demand it of ourselves.

Men say we like to lead, but say this not knowing what it means. Leading is conquering the unknown while mastering the known. And, while men are ideally suited to lead (it’s what we do at our best), the sine qua non, which means, “Without which nothing follows,” of leadership is to accept reality as it is. This is where the male female complementary relationship comes into play. Male female complementarity is fundamental to reality. So, to make the world better we must take it as it is, but to take it as it is we must embrace this fundamental reality between men and women. Until we do, we are all lost, for men must lead. The male female complementary relationship makes it possible to accept reality and then forces men to have faith in and hope for a brighter future. To conquer your world and become a man you must learn to trust, have hope and have faith. Women inspire us to see this, make us want to pursue it, and then reward us for succeeding or trying valiantly and persevering. This opens up the ultimate reality of life.

How To Give the World the Gift of Your Own Masculinity

To have a gift in the true sense you need three things. A free and willing giver, a gift, and a free and willing receiver. The gift of your own masculinity is what will save the world from the insanity that currently engulfs it. The women of the world have been waiting patiently for many years for men to discover their masculine genius, master it, make it worthy of being given to women and then offer it respectfully to those women who see and recognize its value and are willing to accept it. The male female complementary relationship, which helps the masculine genius turn the world and conquer its evils, unlocks limitless possibility. The male female complementary relationship reveals, in fact, the masculine genius. Are you willing to embrace your masculinity, develop the virtues to master it and conquer your fears? Can you choose to be courageous and humble enough to offer the world the gift of your masculine genius? We hope so, for the world is in chaos and needs you desperately.

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