Dear Brendan,

I have a few questions to ask you.  Are you willing to commit yourself and train with a purpose to learn how to protect your family?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to rescue them if they get into a situation that goes south?  And have you done all you can to prepare them for the harsh reality of the world we live in?

The reality is that few of us will ever have to do something like you see in the movies.  Save the honor and greatness for our SOF operators as they take down high value targets and execute dangerous rescue missions in high threat areas of operation.  But those facts don’t mean you won’t come face to face with home invaders intent on raping your wife or daughters, or skillfully handling carjackers intent on taking your vehicle even if your children are in the backseat.

If you want to prepare your loved ones to handle danger, if you want to prepare yourself to handle danger, where should you start?  First off, you shouldn’t wait until after “the fact” to begin your effort to rescue them from “bad guys”.  If you want to be your family’s hero, then do them a favor by teaching them what they need to know now and not after all hell breaks loose.

“People seldom do what they believe in.  They do what is convenient, then repent.”

-Bob Dylan

Facts tell us the world is full of criminals just looking for soft targets. When they find one, they want to attack. Are you going to be the parent, the father, the husband or brother that does what is convenient and repents in the morning?  This goes back to mindset.  Be proactive and not reactive in your approach.

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”

-Henri Bergson

Be the hero.  Be the savior.  Be your family’s protector.  Teach them how to handle themselves before things go sideways or any damage is done.  As a fighter trains his body, he also trains his mind.  Every time you or anyone in your family trains, you are improving your technique.  Your perspective changes and you see things you didn’t recognize before.  You learn to see how others can either be sheep or wolves.  Are you the wolf?  Train your loved ones to be the wolf and not the lamb. 

The process of measuring yourself and people should be non-stop.  There is a lot you can do to ensure you’re better prepared to help your family.  Take the time to learn skills that have real world application by qualified instructors.  This all ties back to Commitment-Training-Communication-Leadership.  These are our cornerstones and foundation that we build upon.  I’d suggest you look into the following types of training.

·       Firearms (Handguns & Long-guns)

·       Self-Defense (Combatives)

·       First-Aid (EMT Trng.)

·       Land Navigation

·       Survival & Escape Training

·       Tactical & Evasive Driving

There is a lot you can do to prepare before a crisis strikes.  The word crisis is defined in the dictionary as: a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.

What if you had to make a difficult or important decision?  Are you prepared to do all you can to become the hero for your family?  Are you willing to transform, and do the hard work, in order to become your family’s protector?  Don’t just go your whole life trying to shield them from every danger in the world, because that is impossible.  Instead teach them to become competent in life.  Teach them to become the best hard targets they can be.  Teach them to become the shield that other people seek for cover.  Use your time wisely and seize the opportunity to help them to become heroes for others. 

“It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference.”

-Bear Bryant

Think about these concepts –

Planning:  Are you in some kind of act or state of planning to control your environment as best you can?  Can each of your family members articulate a good escape plan and alternative courses of action in case of a fire, flood, home invasion, street fight, or active shooter?

Roles:  What is their assumed function or part to play in a particular situation?  Are they your cover during a potential fist-fight, gunfight or other violent encounter at a restaurant or mall?  Can they learn to scan for potential threats? Weapons? Can they scan for an aggressor’s partner  about to sucker punch you or attack you from behind?  Can they adapt to the other family member’s role if one family member goes down?

Drills:  Have you subjected yourself and your family to doing training drills and rehearsals?  Have you practiced fire drills, shooting drills, vehicle drills?

Routines:  Does your family know the up side and down side of predictable routine? Has everyone performed the routines you use to standard? Are they capable of executing some or all of the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) you have taught them?

Awareness:  Have you been trained and have you trained your family members to glean what’s important in the news or sift for useful information by talking to people?  Does your family know how to read situations so they are not surprised by predators such as robbers, con-artists or date rapists? Are they aware of what crimes occur in the next city over or the laws of the city, state or country they are visiting?

Communication:  Is everyone able to use a password, exchange information or communicate relevant news to each other before, during and after an emergency?  Are they able to use code words and visual signals such as a red chemlight or flare to mark an area? 

There is a lot of information to cover here. Sift through and take what you want from it. In the end the choice to be a champion for your family is yours. Largely we define our ideals by the heroes we choose. Who do you choose?

Be the hero. When your family needs you, be able to say with conviction, “I will find you!”  “I will save you!”

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  -Henry David Thoreau

“So live your life that fear of death can never enter your heart.”

“Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

-Chief Tecumseh

Never Above You.  Never Below You.  Always Beside You.

Prepare to win the fight.

Your Friend,