5 Reasons to Start a Cigar Club

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You make a lot friends when you start a cigar club.

I started one here in Afghanistan with no idea how it would go and it’s been a ball. It’s a funny thing– doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, men like cigar clubs even if they don’t like cigars, which is rare. We like the clubby feeling and all men like to be included in a club. It’s the way we are.

There are lots of reasons to start a cigar club, but let’s focus on an easy five.

  • First, you’re giving back. Generosity is strength. Encouragement is fuel. When you’re generous and encourage, it changes you and helps others.
  • Second, you learn to lead. Choose the place and time, like Napoleon, then step back, enjoy your own cigar and watch men you respect enjoy each other’s company.
  • Third, it’s your first step in choosing your Ten Best Men.
  • Fourth, you refine important social skills.
  • Fifth, when you start a cigar club you learn about something other men enjoy discussing that bridges all divisions.

Reason #1: Starting a Cigar Club is Giving, and Receiving

Once you invite, you release powerful forces that give back many times over. We all know the law of reciprocity and it’s more powerful than that. If you want to see abundance in your life, start by giving.

Good men are all around you. You may not see them if you haven’t learned the joy of uncovering hidden value, which is the key to abundance in all areas of life. Inviting men to a cigar club is giving. By inviting you extend your hand and appeal to others’ good qualities. They’ll respond in lots of ways– all are good once you learn to read the responses– which teaches you both and builds rapport.

Remember, cigar clubs are about more than cigars. In life you find what you look for. Look for bad, you find bad, but look for good in other men and you’ll find it. Think now of your own circle of friends. Invite 15 men. Don’t think about any obstacle to a successful evening. Take an adventurous approach to this and just ask.

Here’s how: as you meet men at work or even in your local neighborhood, say, “Hey, I’m starting a cigar club. What do you think?”

He may say, “Cool, thanks.”

You say, “8:15. Don’t need to bring anything.“

He may say, “I don’t smoke cigars,”

You say, “Come anyway. The conversation will be great.”

If he says, “Cigars aren’t my thing,” say, “We’ll be thinking of you. Just so you know you’re invited. Cigar clubs aren’t just about cigars.” That’s a good close. Or, “Well, it’s nice to be asked to dance even if you have to say no.”

If you want to you can start this as a conspiracy. Men love conspiracies. You can say to a close friend you have something in common with, “Hey, brother, I’m thinking of starting a cigar club.” He’ll definitely say, “Cool.” Then you’re on your way.

Reason #2: You Learn to Lead

In any area of life you find what you look for, but are rewarded richly for uncovering hidden value. This works powerfully in inviting men to a cigar club. You find leadership in yourself and are rewarded for uncovering the best in others.

A wise man told me, “All you need to lead is to know one thing more than the guys you’re leading.” It’s funny that in many cases, good men hesitate to take charge. They may be burdened by their troubles. Or simply don’t think of it. It’s a funny thing that all it takes is that one guy. Be that one guy. Once you set things in motion you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all starts to fall into place. The other aspect of starting a cigar club is that women like the idea, which is what we’d call counterintuitive. It’s easier to lead when you’re hosting. It’s taking charge, it’s giving, and you can be like Napoleon; control the time and the place.

Reason #3: It’s the First Step to a Ten Best Men Group

Every man should have his Ten Best Men. Make a list now of the ten best men you know. Invite them to your cigar club. If you do not know ten good men, use a cigar club to find them and be one by starting a cigar club. Cigars encourage discussion. Cigars encourage stories. Men like both. Light a cigar, stare into a fire, and talk about life. It’s magic. This is how cigars, Bond Fires, and forming a team of advisers works. You’re on your way. Bond Fires are simple— they’re fires that help men form friendships. A cigar club is simple. The two together are powerful and a great way to start. Like much in life it’s not about what you get, it’s about who you become in the process.

Every man should have a Ten Best Men Group. Every man should know about Bond Fires. Who are the ten best men you know? Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. Surround yourself with good men and you change your life. Simple as that.

Reason #4: Practice and Refine Social Skills

It helps you learn social skills. How to invite. Who to invite. What to have on hand. What to ask others to bring. Where to have it. When to have it. Why to have it. (Easy—for the reasons we cover here).

The nice thing about choosing when is it gives you plenty of time. Maybe a quick one this weekend. Maybe one at the end of the month. Then set it in motion and let it unfold. “I’m getting some guys together,” is how it starts. Boom. Be like Napoleon. Choose the place and the time. Put it all together and watch it unfold. It’s great. Did you know that becoming a good inviter is valuable? Starting a Cigar Club is a short course in skills that impact other areas of life. Increase your confidence, expand your network, meet new people, become a connector. Cigars, Cigar Clubs, generosity, social confidence. See how it all fits together? It changes your focus and brings solutions. One of my mentors told me, “It pays to talk about your troubles.” Why? Because other men love to solve problems. Don’t complain, present a riddle or a puzzle over a cigar at a fire. You benefit.

A quick trick to start inviting—try open ended questions like these:

  • “What do you think of cigars?”
  • “Hey, what do you think of cigar clubs?”
  • “If you were invited to a cigar club how would you respond?”

These sorts of questions give you an opportunity to listen and to think. If you worry others might say no, these help you overcome that fear. Listening and asking questions are powerful skills that help you learn to help others. Starting a cigar club does that for you, too. Overcome rejection. Respond to resistance. Build rapport. Listen. Choose new friends intentionally.

Reason #5: You Learn About Cigars

One very cool thing about cigars is that you can know nothing about them and enjoy them, but there’s an endless amount to learn. You can even enjoy cigars and cigar clubs and not smoke cigars. Cutters, torches, cigar rooms, humidors, aging rooms. It’s all just very cool and masculine. Exactly how much is there to learn? It’s endless. Odds are even if you don’t like cigars, you’ll like all the history and details that surrounds them and you’ll enjoy being with men who do. Becoming knowledgeable is half the fun.

One more thing…

Powerful sales meetings and powerful business meetings take place socially. There’s a great saying, “Deals may be signed in the boardroom but they’re made in the bar room.” Make that connection.

Here are the Cigar Basics to Get You Started

Aroma: The overall smell of the smoke.
Blend: Refers to the combination of tobaccos used in a cigar, the wrapper, binder and fillers.
Body: The strength of the cigar (not to be confused with flavor strength). More or less the physical affect the cigar has on you. Most commonly referred to as mild, medium and full.
Burn: Reflects part of the cigar’s construction. A cigar should burn evenly at the foot so the blend of tobaccos taste the way they should. The burn has a big impact on the overall smoking experience.
Character: An overall impression, or personality of how the cigar smokes.
Complex: The characteristic of the smoke. A cigar is complex when the flavors and body change throughout the smoking experience
Construction: The physical makeup of a cigar. How well it draws, burns and appears.
Dense: A full, or heavy feeling to the smoke.
Development: The progress of how a cigar smokes in regard to the flavor and body.
Draw: The resistance one feels while trying to pull smoke through the head of a cigar.
Dry Draw: A draw on an unlit cigar. Usually done to taste the tobaccos before the cigar is lit.
Finish: The lingering flavors and body that the smoke leaves on your palate. Can refer to the end of a cigar, or the flavors and body as it is smoked.
Flavor: The taste of smoke.
Foot: The end of the cigar that is lit.
Head: The part of the cigar that is clipped and smoked from.
Marbleized: A wrapper that has a marble-like appearance. The term is usually used to describe the look of the wrapper.
Mouth Feel: How the smoke feels on the palate. The sensation that the smoke provides.
Nose: The smell of the foot, or cigar of an unlit cigar.
Oily: The essential oils of the wrapper leaf.
Palate: The senses that are used to taste, or smell a cigar.

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