What we think, we do; what we do, we become, so be careful what you think.

Remember, too, that all combat begins in the mind, where we form our ideas, grow our confidence and test what we believe. This is why the intellectual struggles that take place at colleges and universities are crucial. For many years, now, at least since the 1960s, men have been increasingly less active in the Liberal Arts programs at colleges and universities across the United States. One reason is that colleges and universities have become more and more hostile to men. If you are an assertive man, if you like being a man, if you are proud to be masculine, the environment is even worse. Don’t believe me? Just plug “Toxic Masculinity” into a search engine.

Make no mistake, it’s bad out there. The world is in trouble and many of our most cherished ideas and ideals are under assault. Take a walk on any college campus. Look at the bulletin boards for club announcements. You may be surprised at how many college students are being taught to hate and destroy the very system providing their education. In many cases they are being taught to hate and reject the values their parents taught them and these are often the same values that make our country strong and protect the principles on which our country was founded. It’s an ugly fight and it’s easy to think you can’t make a difference. But one man can make a difference.

To see the difference one courageous, articulate man can make in a fight where he is outnumbered and surrounded, enjoy this short (6:36) video in which Professor Jordan Peterson talks about the current environment on campuses, how to confront fear and the danger of not confronting it. He also talks briefly about the sources of the turbulence in universities in the United States and Canada.

Professor Peterson is a heroic man fighting outnumbered in academia. He deserves our respect and support.