3 Things Men Should Never Do: Criticize, Condemn, or Complain

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Before we begin, watch this James Bond clip again. How does Bond reply to M when he is caught?


Sometimes we are caught and confronted with our mistakes. How do we respond? Do we defend ourselves? Do we criticize others or offer excuses? If so, it makes us weak and undignified. If we own our behavior, we grow, but it’s difficult. Doing the difficult is masculine. Doing it without complaining is more masculine. Doing it voluntarily because you know it’s the right thing to do is even more masculine. All this effort, this voluntary acceptance of the difficult, starts immediately to improve your life.

This is Strong Medicine. Here’s Why It’s Happy News.

Do you have any idea how powerful your masculinity is? Do you have any idea how much you can change your own world and the world we share when you tap into all the finer qualities of your Masculine Genius? There is no limit to the up-side of masculine potential. We have never seen how far we can go. But we do know this: for the last 55 years there has been a steady assault on masculinity. This assault has taken a significant toll on the natural order of things. Since the assault began in the industrialized world, it has had a powerful ripple effect around the world and the devastating negative results for men, women and children have been cumulative. Women and children have suffered more than anyone.

The Three Things That Happen When You Stop Criticizing, Condemning, Complaining.

  • First, you stop making situations worse. That’s huge.
  • Second, in about two you start to change the way you think. It clears your vision. You won’t see things like a weak man.
  • Third, as you refine this discipline it changes the way you act. You start acting like a stronger man.

Beginning Today Stop Doing and Saying Things That Make You Weak.

Do you know what an open secret is? An open secret is something we all know but don’t talk about. Here’s an open secret: What we think, we do. What we do, we become. If we change our thinking, we change our behavior. If we change our behavior, we change our lives.

Don’t Do The Big Three. Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain.

We hammer this a lot because beating this is a Combat Multiplier against The First Obstacle. What do these three bad habits share? They shift responsibility, they make all situations worse and they drag others down. When we do these things we waste time and are undignified. Dignity is having a clear sense of your own importance, and men are vitally important. That, too, is an open secret. These actions belittle us as men and make us weak.

Embrace the hard work of being a better man. If you do—because action is the sphere of men—you’re on the right side of a very important, global fight.

Shannon McGurk

Shannon McGurk


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