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Aug 8, 2018Meet the Team

I’m a father, husband, son and friend.

Since the age of eighteen I have worked for / operated with the USMC, CIA, USSOCOM, JIEDDO and the interagency to include our host nation partners.

I have two daughters and sometimes I think I know more about nail polish, make-up, earrings and other girl stuff than I do about mission planning and targeting high value targets (HVTs). It is truly a girls’ world when I’m with my daughters. My oldest daughter has always been a straight “A” student. She currently attends a University in Virginia. My youngest daughter is a super daddy’s girl and is in High School. I’m very proud of my daughters and their health, happiness & safety means everything to me.

It is important to note that I truly enjoy physical fitness and training is a way of life.

I look forward to training much like a child does playtime. I’ll follow up on that by saying, I like to color outside the lines and think outside the box. To bring creative real world solutions to complex problems in the dynamic and fluid environments we live and operate in today. I welcome new challenges and continue to serve and contribute as part of the AM team and partner companies with like-minded men and women.

Always Faithful & Always Forward


Personal Protection and Full Spectrum Peace of Mind in an Unpredictable World from an Expert in the Field

Each man has a responsibility to protect those he loves and leads, but must do so in a way that is respectful of those around him and respectful of police officers and other public servants.

Get ready to hear from an exceptionally well-informed and experienced man how to train, observe, act and protect others in an increasingly dangerous and unjust world. Learn how to discern a threat from a non-threat and how to make the right decision when all you have is riding on your own good judgment. A prepared, informed, confident and competent man is an asset in any situation.

Travis Nelson’s philosophy on personal protection can be summarized as this:

“Each man has a responsibility to protect those he loves and must do so in a way that is respectful of those around him and respectful of police officers and other public servants.”

Travis is committed to the highest level of physical, mental and emotional strength, resilience, endurance and personal protection training. His primary goal is to enable every man that he has an opportunity to coach/train/mentor/advise to protect himself and
those that he is responsible for regardless of the threat.

His vision of personal security and resilience goes beyond fighting techniques (he has plenty of that in store for you as well), Travis will prepare you to prevent the fight with his Situational Awareness training.

Travis is not your average self-defense instructor. He combines a variety of martial arts with the highest level of military and law enforcement training. He brings you the very best in a format that is accessible to all men, whether you have never thought of personal security or are a seasoned professional looking to improve your skills with a different approach.

How can Travis bring this to you? Where did he get all of this?

Travis was trained by the best and he has trained the best. See the details below:

  • Travis has over 20 years’ experience within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Communities and Federal Law Enforcement. His experience spans the spectrum from operational to analytical. He has what are called the hard skills and also the soft skills, which means he can advise on end-to-end security scenarios.
  • Travis is comfortable discussing military operations, law enforcement (Rule of Law), the Intelligence Community, a broad array of different personal offense and defense protection Tactics, Techniques and Procedures as well as proven leadership principles learned from his work across the community of interest.
  • Travis’ military experience was primarily with the United States Marine Corps, Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Infantry (0311), Marine Corps Security Forces, and Special Operations Forces (SOF). He has served/operated in various countries on training assignments or conducting real-world operations.
  • Travis is well rounded; his Federal Law Enforcement training supplements his service in other US Government agencies in the Intelligence Community and in the Counterterrorism Center (CTC). While in this capacity Travis served with the AMZ External Targeting Group and Detainee Ops Branch. He also worked the foreign fighter pipeline and has worked with foreign liaison services and various Information Operation campaigns. He has trained others in Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Targeting, Raids, and Security Operations.
  • Travis Nelson has wide-ranging experience working in overall strength and physical conditioning combined with the most practical and sophisticated of Eastern and Western combative arts, from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to Filipino fighting arts (stick and knife fighting) and Thai striking styles to western-style boxing and wrestling and advanced edged weapon skill sets. In the service of the United States Government and Marine Corps he has supplemented these skills and incorporated long-gun and handgun techniques trained under the most demanding of hostile conditions: low/no light, multiple threats, mounted tactical lights, tactical/combat reloading, immediate action drills (failure to fire, failure to feed, failure to extract), improvised shooting positions, cover & concealment, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) tactics, Boyd’s Observe, Orient, Decide and Act (OODA) loop, all designed to take Shoot-Move-Communicate to the next level. And, actually, Travis believes that should be: Communicate-Shoot-Move.
  • Travis has provided Combative Arts (both grappling and striking) and edged weapon training in a private capacity for companies such as Special Dive Service and Unmanned Concepts.

The result of all this experience and heart is an ability to teach as well as train others to build from the most basic concepts of mental preparedness and awareness to advanced combative arts and survival.

This is a man you want to listen to.

Welcome to AM Stronghold.

We are a tribe.

One Family. One Team. One Fight.

Travis Nelson

Travis Nelson


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