We Help Women Understand Why The Godfather is The Source of all Wisdom

Jul 16, 2018Good News About Being a Man, Latest, Pro Victoria

One of the best things about being a man is we get to enjoy every aspect of life.

As long as we keep things under control and learn as we go, we can enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. One of those great pleasures is the company of women, another is The Godfather.

Women are remarkable and The Godfather is a remarkable film.

But we also get to enjoy romantic comedy.

Don’t fall into the false masculine, ridiculous trap of there being “Chick Flicks” and “Guy Flicks.” A smart man studies things women enjoy.

Believe me, women study what we enjoy. Women are complicated, men are complicated and if you want to see complexity that will blow your mind, dig into the entire male-female dynamic and Male-Female complementarity. Women are delightful and fascinating and a wise man spends a lifetime learning to appreciate women who spend their lives learning to appreciate men.

But The Godfather? Sometimes explaining the genius of The Godfather to women can be tricky.

For a good example of male-female complementarity as well as a humorous look at the genius of The Godfather and a fine example of a great romantic comedy, enjoy this short clip from, “You’ve Got Mail,” a remarkable film in its own right.


Be bold, be authentic, be masculine… and ENJOY being a man.

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Shannon McGurk


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