Unlock Your Masculine Genius.

The world needs what you have, so don’t apologize for being a man. Learn how to refine and deploy with precision the power of all your finest qualities.

Start now to promote a healthy, strong, self-disciplined form of what the world needs most: your Authentic Masculinity.

Join the Masculine Renaissance

Authentic Masculinity

Authentic Masculinity provides encouragement, skills and an exclusive men’s network to men who want to work hard to improve every aspect of their lives.

Know the cool self-assurance of control, experience the fulfillment of precision, and know the savage joy of consistent achievement that comes with mastering your Masculine Genius.

Which journey are you on?


Are you a student? If so, the scholar’s path is for you. Begin now to form the habits of life-long learning. Learn to earn, learn to love, learn to triumph.


Are you an employee? Let us show you how to conquer through service. Navigate the complexity of any organization so you can lead from wherever you find yourself.


Are you an entrepreneur / in the business world? The marketplace craves masculine clarity, fixity of purpose, and violence of execution. Let us show you how to deploy these qualities at every step of the business process.


Are you a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine? The world needs your discipline, drive, and attention to detail. Let us show you how to adapt to any other setting you choose. Strengthen yourself, and those around you with all the skills you’ve learned.


Are you a husband and a father? If so, you must learn to lead. You are building a tribe. Let us show you how to lead and govern those you love with strength, kindness, and compassion. Protect them, and prepare them, for a dangerous world.

Pro Victoria Blog

If victory is what you want, we have what you need. You are the x-factor in your own life. When you strengthen, everything strengthens.

This–and more–is what we provide men who are serious about re-conquering themselves and the world around them.


Masculinity and Men’s Issues

The world needs to hear the good news about being a man. Hear this vital message of how men can re-claim their masculinity gently but with strength and in a way that reaffirms women.

Book Shannon McGurk for your next event. Let his hard falls and equally hard learned lessons inspire you and challenge you to take on your own life.

AM Corporate Culture Consulting

How healthy is the male-female dynamic at your business? Does your corporate culture make the most of what men and women together offer your business? Let us show you how to:

  • Help men and women communicate more efficiently, respectfully and impactfully in your work place
  • Avoid the inevitable problems and possible litigation of poor communication and misunderstanding between the sexes
  • Integrate Male-Female Complentarity smoothly and powerfully.

Join the 1000

Do you have what it takes to join the 1,000?” Authentic Masculinity is looking for its first 10 Centuries. Each Century is 100 men.

Each Century is led by a Centurion. Each Centurion will help AM conquer a region for Authentic Masculinity. Want to learn more?