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Conquer yourself and you conquer a kingdom. Command yourself, you command the world.

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Authentic Masculinity provides encouragement, skills and an exclusive men’s network to men who want to work hard to improve every aspect of their lives.
Know the cool self-assurance of control, experience the fulfillment of precision, and know the savage joy of consistent achievement that comes with mastering your Masculine Genius.

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If victory is what you want, we have what you need. You are the x-factor in your own life. When you strengthen, everything strengthens.

For encouragement and skills, check out the Authentic Masculinity blog.

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Welcome to the Authentic Masculinity Podcast. We discuss all aspects of a man’s life: work, home, school, business, intimacy, fatherhood and how to conquer through service.

We all know what men are afraid to talk about. To hear men discuss precisely those topics, you’ve come to the right place.